The Ezora Sales and Profit Growth engine will provide all store managers, area managers, operations directors and leaders in your organisation with the insight they need to make data-driven decisions and help drive your business forward.

Ezora Sales & Profit Growth Engine
  • Actively manage the performance of an individual store based on key performance indicators that are created from sales, inventory, labour, fraud risk, customer experience and operational cost data. 
  • Switch effortlessly between real-time, daily, weekly, monthly and year to date perspectives.  Understand outcomes and trends by comparisons to targets, last week, rolling averages, prior years and benchmarks. 
  • Manage labour productivity across shifts and days to optimize your labour spend.
  • Collaborate directly with store managers on specific aspects of their store performance to identify opportunities and mitigate threats. 
  • Build forecasts and targets and compare your actual performance.
Store performance dashboards

Operations Planning and Forecasting Engine

Above store performance dashboards
  • Consolidate the key performance indicators for your stores by area manager, store type, region brand and company.  
  • Benchmark similar stores against each other.  
  • Rank the top and bottom performing stores in your portfolio. Optimise your product mix, pricing and margins across your business. 
  • Share learnings from the top performers and provide additional supports to those that are underperforming. 
  • Build daily/weekly/monthly operating plans that align your operations team with the corporate goals in your financial budget.  
  • Overlay short-term forecasts to adjust your plans for the changing realities of your business.
  • Share these via your dashboards and drive the optimum behaviours across your organisation.
Is the data correct?
Data validation 
Ezora will ensure that owners, directors, finance teams and operations teams have access to trusted, reliable reporting that give each stakeholder what they need to drive the business forward on its growth journey.
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