From data crunching to advising
  • Ezora will automatically create and post over 95% of all entries to your accounting system. 
  • This will include accounting for sales, cash and other tenders, supplier invoices, delivery aggregator invoices and reconciliation adjustments, royalty & advertising accruals, employee payroll.
Ezora Financial Control Engine
The Ezora Financial Control engine will automate bookkeeping, reconciliation, reporting and consolidation processes within your business and will ensure that your finance function has the controls and efficiency to meet the increasing needs of your business as you grow.

Ezora will empower your finance team to move beyond bookkeeping, reconciliation and creating spreadsheet reports, and into advising the business on how to optimise margins, minimise costs and grow profitability.

  • Ezora will automatically create your monthly management accounts including Profit & Loss, Balance Sheets and Cashflow Statements. 
  • Our advanced financial consolidation functionality will ensure that your leadership team can see the complete picture.  
  • User access controls will ensure that every stakeholder can see what they need, but only what they need.
Operations team
Business owners
Is the data correct?
Data validation 
Ezora will ensure that owners, directors, finance teams and operations teams have access to trusted, reliable reporting that give each stakeholder what they need to drive the business forward on its growth journey.
One version of the truth!
  • Our financial budgeting solution will accelerate the creation of financial budgets. 
  • And help you to compare actual performance to the budget, at the store, company and group level.

Ezora automated accounting
Ezora automated financial reporting
Financial performance budgeting